Yuba Water Agency

Investing in Yuba County

Currently on the River

YCWA constantly monitors river flows and reservoir elevations behind each of its dams.



YCWA continuously works to protect and restore the Yuba River’s wild salmon and steelhead runs. 



YCWA’s hydropower facilities enable the Agency to produce enough clean, carbon-free energy to power approximately 300,000 homes.


Water Supply

Providing a reliable surface water supply to farmers in Yuba County is one of YCWA’s primary missions.



YCWA provides many different recreational options near New Bullards Bar Reservoir.


Flood Management

The single most important reason for the creation of YCWA was to reduce the risk of flooding for the people of Yuba County.



YCWA is currently going through the process to obtain a new FERC license following the expiration of its original one in 2016. 


Groundwater Management

Protecting and enhancing Yuba County’s groundwater aquifer is one of YCWA’s foremost priorities.